Kriss Muss

“Christmas?  Is it really that time again?  I mean, really, where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday when we were complaining about the summer, or lack of it, and now, suddenly the clocks go back and it’s Christmas! Mind you it seems to start earlier every year.  I’m sure the advertising people think they’re being oh so clever with some of those adverts, trying to create some sort of cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling with their little vignettes of happy families.  Great.  Just not in October, thank you very much!  When all’s said and done they’re still just adverts, trying to make people part with their hard-earned money for some useless tat.

“Still it’s nice for the kiddies isn’t it?  I mean, Christmas is for them really, isn’t it?  All the excitement of unwrapping the presents.  The thrill of seeing what each parcel contains, a quick appraisal and onto the next one.  Mind you it still means having to buy presents though, and it seems to get harder every year deciding on what to get for everyone.  There’s only so many pairs of socks, ties and bottles of perfume one can buy for the same relative.  I know it’s the thought that that counts, but buying the same thing year after year doesn’t really show much thought.  Mind you, I’m always quite happy to get a new pair of socks.  Saves me having to buy them.  I suppose grown-ups don’t really need presents, do they, it’s all really for the kiddies, isn’t it?

“Still, it is a nice surprise when you get something different.  I think it was about five, or was it six, no I do believe it was ten years ago. Ee! Where does the time go? Anyway that Christmas I got that magic set off, who was it now?  Oh I forget for the moment, but anyway that magic set.  I remember unwrapping the box and thinking what a peculiar present to give to someone of my age.  Of course I thanked them for it and put it aside for a day or two.  And then I thought I’d get it out and try out a few of the tricks, just for myself of course, but I was amazed at how clever the tricks were and so easy to do, so I developed a little act, just for the relatives and close friends, of course, and they were all delighted the first time I performed it.  I suppose by now the older ones might be getting a little bit tired of it, but no-one’s complained, at least not to me.  Anyway, the kiddies all seem to enjoy it and that’s what Christmas is all about isn’t it? For the kiddies?

“Oh well. I suppose I’d better make sure the reindeer are OK, although I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to their annual flight.”

Written 1998-10-23