A Ghost’s Lament

I wish I was a human being
But I’ve never been
To the places I love most
And I stay a ghost

I’m a spectre, I’m a ghost
I’m a phantom
I’m a spirit, I’m a genie
In a lantern
I’m magic, I’m cruel and I’m evil
I throw thing about
And scream and shout

Being a ghost is such a bore
Lots of blood and lots of gore
I see it every day
I just want to fade away.

I can pass through walls
I’m not hurt by falls
I have no bones at all to break
Humans think that I’m a fake

Written 1979-02-15

Found in an old school exercise book. At the time obviously I wasn’t happy with it because in big letters over the top of the lyrics I’d written ABANDONDED [sic] and annotated it with ‘What a load of bull’. This was written in the time of Odd Tripe.