Golden Hand (v1)

See the man with the golden hand
He’s living in a far off land
He sees the storm birds gathering
He foretold of their coming

The rain they bring burns the earth
The dragon wakes from his slumber
High in the Mountains of Sorrow
Deep in the bowels of the earth
Unknown sounds resound in the air
War machinery set free again
To change the destiny of Man
Once again Death will walk the earth

The mighty warriors ride all night
They depart their homes, they depart to fight
The noise of the battle is heard by all
There’s no return, they know they’ll fall
Horses charge, steel eats flesh, so men die
The bodies on the land make women cry
The blood flows in rivers into the sea
The entrails of the brave, plucked out, set free

Written 1979-04-05

A first version of my attempt at an epic. From the Odd Tripe period. I had visions of this being a classic rock song in the vein of Stairway To Heaven or Child In Time or Don’t Fear The Reaper.
Oh to be young and foolish again…