I’m In Love (With Myself)

Well I think I’m going crazy
I just don’t know what I’m doing
I’ve just seen a beautiful face
And my mind is going hazy

I think I’m going slowly mad
It’s the nicest face I’ve ever seen
I will never forget that face
‘Cause now I’ve seen it, I am glad

Oh mirror mirror on the wall
I’m very happy that you’re there
Because I know that without you
I just couldn’t see me at all

Now you may think I’m very vain
And you would be right
That face is driving me insane
I lie awake all night

I’m in love with myself
I’m in love with myself
I’ve forgotten ’bout the rest
‘Cause I’m in love with myself

I think I’ve gone out of my mind
That face has driven me crazy
But there ain’t nothing I can do
And happiness I just can’t find

Written 1979-02-16

From the Odd Tripe era. Found in an old school exercise book.