The Present Day World (Of The Future)

We’re in the twenty-first century
Machines have reached the Moon and Mars
We know lots about far off stars
There is the threat of nuclear wars
The atom can be split in three
There’s a cure for ev’ry disease
(And dogs still suffer fleas)

Men are starving by the thousand
The world is over-populated
Hate and fear is generated
The air is contaminated
The super powers don’t understand
In fact they just don’t even care

The world is being worn away
By millions of people, every day
Whole countries lie in disarray
“I’m all right” is all we can say

Nobody seems to care anymore
We have accepted blood and gore
There is no acceptable law
People are left to die on the floor

Written 1979-02-16

Another set of lyrics written in the time of Odd Tripe and found in an old school exercise book. Even though I wrote it so long ago and so young, I was surprised to see how relevant it still is.