Die! Die you scum sucking flies!

As the advancing insectoids drew closer, I unleashed the power of my recently acquired Mark X Destructinator Plasma Cannon, fusing antennae to head, melting thorax onto legs.
Will these stupid alien invertebrates ever learn that their vast hordes are no match for mankind’s superior weaponry?

Another swarm approached, begging to be slaughtered.

Laughing at the forthcoming carnage, I pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened. I shook the cannon. I slapped it. Nothing.
Glancing at the readout screen, I noticed a message had popped up.

“Your free 30 day trial has expired. Please enter an activation code to continue using this product.”

My entry in the August 2018 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Trial
Genre: Science Fiction or Fantasy
It didn’t get any votes: POLL — August 2018 100 Word Anonymous Challenge