With Man’s Blood Paint The Ground

Prince Bregu starts as his chamber’s curtain is suddenly parted and Queen Gwen enters, her face pale.
“Your father’s been captured!”

“What? How?”

“The Londmen. An ambush. They’ve taken him to the White Lagoon. You must rescue him.”

“But I should stay and protect the… ”

“No. It must be you. Only you can wield Abreotan. The time has come for you to learn its power.”

“Its power?”

“Yes. Its destructive power. Choose your target and say the word ‘Fordoneall’. Be warned, use it sparingly. There are… consequences.”

Frowning, Bregu takes the trident and swims off.

* * *

Adlig, the Londking, watches from his barge as Bregu enters the White Lagoon. “So, the princeling dares enter my domain alone.” Turning to his captain. “When he reaches the grand pen, net him.”

The barge shadows Bregu. On reaching the pen, the captain releases a trawling net which closes tight around Bregu. The captain winches it up until Bregu is face to face with Adlig.

“Foul creature, you defile the White Lagoon. But not for long. I will exterminate all Merfolk. Let it join its father.”

* * *

King Brimwisa is jolted from his reverie as Bregu is dumped into the pen.

“My son! How? Why?”

“To rescue you. I have Abreotan. What means the word ‘Fordoneall’?”
As he finishes, a powerful water jet erupts from the trident.
“So that’s its power.” Taking aim at the walls, Bregu repeats the word. The pen bars disintegrate. Looking up, Bregu sees two guard boats. He unleashes the power again and again.

“Father! Surely with such power we can easily defeat the Londmen.”

“No. We must return to the…”

“No! I will not! I wield Abreotan now. I will destroy our enemies. Me!”

Sadly, Brimwisa regards his son, knowing the true destructive power of Abreotan has already taken hold.

My entry in the October 2018 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction
It didn’t get any votes: POLL — October 2018 300 Word Writing Challenge