SFF Chronicles

Early this year I had a question about some story I remember reading, but couldn’t remember its title or author.
So I asked the question on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange site and I searched The Internet Speculative Fiction Database to no avail.

Then, on February 10th 2018 I stumbled across this site Chronicles The Science Fiction & Fantasy Community and asked my question there. While there, I discovered the Writing Challenges and being an aspiring writer and a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, I thought “Why not give them a go?” So I did.

And that’s where I’ve been ever since, neglecting this so called blog in favour of a wonderful little corner of the web.

As for the challenges, there are the 75 Word Challenges every month and the 300 Word Challenges every quarter, and over in the Workshop Forum there are the Anonymous 100 Word Challenges every month, except when there is a 300 word challenge going on.