The Excoriation of Space Captain Bobby Starshine.

“Hello Mr. Starshine.”

“Who’re you? How’d you get in? You shouldn’t be here, there’s a launch soon.”

“I’m you’re biggest fan. Can I get a selfie with you?”

“Well, only if you’re quick.”

“I’ve followed you for years. 15 Mars trips. First man to orbit Venus. Can you sign this photo please?”

“OK, but then you must go. Wait, what’re those scissors for?”

“I’ve been to all your launches. I’d like a lock of your hair.”

“No! Keep away! What’re you doing with that scalpel?”

“I want to know what it’s like to be you. To be in your skin.”

My non-entry in the November 2018 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Obsession / Addiction
Genre: Science Fiction or Fantasy
It didn’t get any votes because I didn’t enter it: POLL — November 2018 100 Word Anonymous Challenge