Captain Starshine Invites You On A Trip In His Astrocharabanc

Welcome ladies and gents. Hello you boys and girls.
We’re going on a journey that’s out of this world.

So we’ll say goodbye to the planet of your birth.
That overcrowded, blue green planet known as Earth.

Everyone can navigate and join in the fun.
So let’s set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Spin that wheel, turn that dial and fly us to the Moon.
At the speed we are going, we’ll get there by noon.

Press all of those buttons with unfettered freeness.
Soon we’ll be passed the blue jeans planet of Venus.

Next up is Mercury, the quicksilver planet.
Would anyone like a piece of pomegranate?

With only two planets seen, we’ve barely begun.
Let’s speed it up with a slingshot around the sun.

So now we are on a heading out to the stars.
I bet you all want to know if there’s life on Mars?

To you all I offer this warning, most heartfelt.
Please take care as we pass through the Asteroid belt.

Now pull that lever and take us to Jupiter.
But try not to crash. Nothing could be stupider.

Let us put on the brakes as we pass by Saturn.
Look at those rings. They make such a lovely pattern.

Early on in the trip I pointed out Venus.
So now I’d like you all to point at Uranus.

And so we arrive at the mystical Neptune.
With mountains and valleys singing their windswept tune

Now we’ve concluded our jaunt through the heavens,
Let’s head back home, so turn that dial to eleven.

* * *​

Sighing, Doctor Freungler closed the ward’s viewport and turned to his visitor. “I’m sorry Mrs Williams, but I’m afraid we can’t let your husband leave the asylum while he persists in these flights of fantasy.”

My entry in the January 2019 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction