The Ant and the Giant

There lived a King who had a son. The day arrived for the son to make his way in the world.
At the end of his first day travelling, as the Prince rested, preparing to eat, he heard a voice.

“Great Prince, wouldst thou share thy food?”

Looking around, he noticed an ant’s nest, atop of which stood the Queen. Twas she who had spoken.
Being a kindly soul, he offered a piece of bannock which the Queen accepted.

“Because of thy generosity,” she said, “if ever thou needest help, know thou may call on me.”

On the second day, the Prince arrived at the shore of a great loch where he beheld a most beautiful Maiden, immediately falling in love.
“Fair maiden, may I pledge my troth?” he asked, but before she could reply, a Giant arose from the loch’s depths.

“If thou wouldst marry my daughter, first must thou build a magnificent palace on these shores. Do this ere the sun completes one full cycle or thy life is forfeit.”

The Prince looked around and, seeing naught but pebbles, stones and rocks, began to despair knowing he could not complete this task in time. In panic he began piling up everything as high as he could; pebbles on stones, rocks on pebbles. Then he recalled the Queen ant’s promise.
“Oh Queen, veritably do I desire thy aid.”
At which entreaty the Queen and her subjects appeared and began toiling and building most vigorously and diligently.

The appointed hour arrived and again the Giant arose.
“What’s this I see? A truly magnificent palace. Thou hast shown thy worthiness. With my blessings, thou may marry my daughter.”

The Prince returned home with the Maiden where they married amid much rejoicing and they lived happily the rest of their days.

My entry in the April 2019 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction