Master of the World

“Igor! Come here.”

I entered the laboratory, the generators crackling; the smell of ozone hanging in the air. “Yes, Master?”

Master was jigging and laughing. “Igor, I have succeeded. My clone, it lives.”

He pointed to his creation. “See how he walks like me. How he sits like me. Look, he even scratches himself like me.”

Master stopped dancing. “He could go shopping, attend meetings, visit relatives. Endless possibilities. No one will know it isn’t me.”

“But, Master…” I tried interrupting.

“I could create an army and conquer the world.”

“But, Master…”

“Yes, Igor.”

“He’s only three inches tall.”

My entry in the May/June 2019 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Clone
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror