The Perfectest Herald Of Joy

I awoke. The city still hummed.

“Milk low,” warned the Megacorp fridge. “Shall I order more?”

God, I needed a fix.

Stepping outside, Megacorp drones swarmed around. “Buy this cooker,” one screamed. “Yours needs replacing.”

“Follow me,” implored another. “It’s unbelievable what happens next.”

Plagued by the drones’ incessant buzzing, I shuffled into my dealer’s den.

“Usual? $200, 15 minutes?”

I nodded.

He pointed. “In there.”

The chamber’s door hissed shut.


Absolute, blissful silence.

My entry in the June 2019 75 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Noise
Genre: Cyberpunk