The Mine Of Furmia

‘Twas the day after the fiercest snow storm the land had seen for decades. The old clock tower had taken a terrible pounding, but remained standing. The five week reign of terror by the Sphinx of Kribuzy was over; the creature literally petrified. So too the Hydra in the Forest of Skotoom lay defeated; many times beheaded; now lignified.

What a day that was, reflected our hero, Kajar. Two quests completed and still made it home for supper.
And now, as the sun rose, setting the clouds on fire, he wondered where his next quest might take him. Perhaps over the Great Azas Sea to the land of giant wyrms. Perhaps to the mountain lair of Tondo the Troll king.
His mind wandered the earth until Kwakwa the soothsaying raven, landing on a nearby tree, interrupted his thoughts.

“Kwa! Seek ye the Mine of Furmia,” spoke the raven. “Riches and power untold await thee there. Kwa!”

The Mine of Furmia, mused Kajar, that mystical place rumoured to appear once every hundred years for but a single day.

“And where may I find this mythical mine?”

“Kwa! Look ye to the clouds. Where they be darkest, there be the mine. Kwa!” And with a nod and a squawk, Kwakwa took flight.

Kajar scanned the skies and noted the clouds were darkest over the mountains of Medesh, looming from the plains of the Yaggat Desert like a hungry man over a ham sandwich.

Eager to start this new quest, Kajar began preparations. He stepped into the enchanted Boots of Borgis; buckled on the magical Belt of Ostrawl; strapped on the mighty Sword of Drowsos; picked up the cumbersome Shield of Crodvod and pulled on the comfortable Loincloth of Slig.

…and I’m going to have to finish now because I’m running out of…

My entry in the July 2019 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction