Following the Romanian Tradition

I gazed at the tower block. Vampire central. Gonna have to tread carefully. I entered, my snout detecting the smell of hatred and fear.

“What’s your kind doing here?”

My hackles rose.

“It’s OK, he’s invited.” A young woman stepped from the shadows.

“We need your particular skills, inspector. There’s been a most heinous crime. Will you sniff out the culprit?”

“And when I find this perpetrator?”

“They’ll be treated… humanely.”

* * *

It was possibly my easiest case, but later the meaning behind her words hit me.
“Humanely.” As in: “Put down humanely.”

And all because they’d been cooking with garlic.

My entry in the August / September 2019 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Crime & Punishment
Genre: Urban Fantasy