An Unfinished Love Story

Once upon a time there lived the handsome hero of this story. Let’s call him Emjee. There also lived at this time the beautiful heroine of the story. Let’s call her Elsie.

Now the hero had a problem. He had been wounded by one of Cupid’s arrows for the heroine, but did not know if she too had been similarly struck. In fact he totally doubted it since she had recently fallen foul of love’s great adventure and embarking upon another was probably the last thing on her mind.

So what was he to do?

He longed to ask the fair maiden for a liaison, perhaps to take some refreshment at a local hostelry, a promenade by the banks of a river or even a quiet meal, but what if she was to say no to any of his proposals? Also, how to ask her? He had hoped to meet the raven haired beauty socially and casually ask if she would like to indulge in one of the aforementioned social meetings.

However, it seemed as if fate was against him, thwarting his carefully laid plans at every opportunity. Perhaps he would be leaving the local tavern just as she was about to enter, leaving no time for any form of conversation. On other occasions our hero would be taking the sun outside the local tavern as she strode past and although she would smile and say hello, she would not stop, striding purposefully to her unknown destination. Yet each time our hero gazed upon the lady of his dreams, Cupid’s arrow would sink a little bit deeper.

So that’s where we must leave this story. As you can see, there is no ending to it at the moment, but if you have any suggestions as to how it might end, please let me know.

First written 2003-05-27