If You Decided To Emigrate

If you decided to emigrate, in which part of the world would you like to settle, and for what reasons

If I decided to emigrate I would like to make my home in New Zealand. One large factor that would draw me there, would be the fact that I would be leaving polluted Britain, to live somewhere where heavy industrialisation is just something that happens in other countries. Admittedly, New Zealand does have its industrialised towns, but with this country seemingly large, in comparison with Britain, one can be hundreds of miles from an industrialised, built-up are.

I said seemingly, for although New Zealand is not much larger that Britain, the population is much less. Consequently not as many towns have to be built to accommodate the people, and it is much easier to get away from the city areas into beautiful, unspoilt countryside. This brings me to the fact that in New Zealand, there are hundreds of acres of virtually unexplored country. The scenery is also considerably varied. There are, for instance, large forests where only animals have been, with almost tropical climates, or there are high, snow-capped mountains, even in the summer. There are plains, where the countryside for miles around is flat and there are the hills and small mountains to be climbed.

The mountains, with their snow for almost all the year round, are ideal for winter-sports enthusiasts, who would be able to go skiing at almost any time of the year. Other sports enthusiasts are also given plenty of facilities and New Zealand abounds in running tracks, rugby fields, football fields, tennis courts and almost any other sport one can think of is catered for.

Another good reason is that there is no language barrier between the New Zealanders and British immigrants, therefore one can feel ‘at home’ almost straight away, the only obvious difference between the two tongues being the accent. It is also easy for the immigrant to slip into the New Zealand lifestyle, it being very similar to our own, they even drive on the left, the same as us. Their climate is similar to ours in that it is hot in summer, and cold in winter, but the temperatures are much more extreme than ours. That means that in summer the days are ‘sweltering’ hot, while in winter the days are freezing cold, and rarely is the weather during these seasons ‘mild’.

One final reason as to why I would emigrate there, is that our family already have relatives living there who say that it is a great place and have recommended New Zealand highly.

Teacher’s Comments

A ‘good’ essay once again. Adequate reasons given – but no mention of career opportunities.

(c) M. Robert Gibson
Written 1979-02-22
This is a school essay.
It was written well before the internet. It is full of inaccuracies and assumptions; bad punctuation; bad grammar and a woeful lack of research, but, it is also a first draft. It was also hand-written in an exercise book, none of your fancy electronic gizmos back then.
And don’t forget, it was written by a schoolboy in a time before political correctness.
It is published here for purely selfish vanity reasons, so read it at your own peril and do not expect any great revelations.