The Honourable Insanity Club

The Honourable Insanity Club

Found in an old exercise book.

In 1977/78 the Odd Tripe boys, along with a few others, formed a ‘secret’ society, complete with a badge, a motto, rules, code names, and even punishments.

Once again, the influence of the Goons is strong here.


In Capite – In the head


  1. Thou shalt not use The Eccles’ name in vain
  2. Thou shalt not commit seriousness
  3. Thou shalt not be sane
  4. Honour thy insanity
  5. Remember the Goonday (Monday)
  6. Thou shalt not be without smiling for more than one and a half thirds of an hour
  7. Thou shalt also not use the Aardvabear’s name in vain
  8. Thou shalt not disclose the meaning of the letters H.I.C. to any non-members, nor must H.I.C be written in full where any non-member may see it
  9. Special Occasions:
    • All Goons Day – 1st Friday in March
    • April Fools Day – 1 April
    • The Spike Milligan Day – 16 April (Tapday)
    • The Harold Secombe and
      The Peter Sellers Day – 9 September (SS Day)


  1. Being sent to Coventry (all expenses paid) for five minutes at a time
  2. Being insulted for five minutes
  3. Being banned from the club until you commit another act of insanity in front of the others
  4. Having feet stamped upon
  5. Saying ‘thing’ at the end of every sentence, in a high pitched voice, for one hour
  6. Being hit on the head with all volumes of an Encyclopedia Britannica

International Affiliates

  • France: Honorable Insanite Associer (H.I.A.)
  • Germany: Ehrenvoll Wahsinn Klub (E.W.K.)

Murgatroyd Spratt’s Musical Troupe
Two bands made up from members of H.I.C.

  • Odd Tripe – Heavy Rock
  • Gobb Shyte – Punk Rock

Themes for Sketches

  • Go to find penguins to put bow ties on to prevent them from getting lumbago
  • Dreaded disease – left handed tennis playing
  • Gobb Shyte and Odd Tripe (see above) fight to see who is support group for concert in aid of peace. Fight on stage in front of audience, who love it and start fighting themselves.
  • People keep changing in Mickey Mouses

Note that by posting this, I may have transgressed Rule 8. I will take my punishment.