Phosphorus Argon Tantalum Yttrium – Oxygen Nitrogen

Hello Bromine, welcome to the party. Let me introduce you to some other guests.

Over there are the Nitrogen twins and Oxygen. Boy, when they get together it’s a real gas, a right laugh!

Here’s Carbon, a proper diamond geezer under pressure.

And Neon, she really lights up the room.

That’s Gold and Silver. They’re a bit precious but treasured nonetheless.

Finally, meet Aluminium. I’m sure you’ll get on like a test tube on fire.

My entry in the July 2020 75 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction or Fantasy

I know that if you have to explain your story, then it probably doesn’t work. However, I think I might be too obscure with this one so here goes…
The title: If you use the chemical symbol for each of those elements it spells: Partay On
Nitrogen twins and Oxygen: N2O = Nitrous Oxide = Laughing gas.
Carbon: under very high pressures forms the compact allotrope, diamond.
Neon: Neon lights. I probably don’t need to explain this.
Gold and Silver: are known as precious metals, and as every good pirate knows, are important pieces in a treasure hoard.
Aluminium: when added to Bromine reacts violently, as this video demonstrates