Describe Two Modern Inventions Used In The Home

Describe Two Modern Inventions Used In The Home Which You Think Have Been Most Beneficial

What other devices would you like to see developed to help the housewife?
Give your reasons for your choice.

The most useful modern invention, in my opinion, is the toilet. With this inventions a lot of unpleasantness is avoided. Although toilets have been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t until fairly recently that the flush toilet was invented. Without a toilet, the waste would soon pile up, and even if it was buried, room to bury it in would run out. The flush toilet gets rid of the waste with the minimum of fuss, and it goes straight into the sewers and away. If human waste was got rid of as other rubbish is, that is, left for someone to collect it, there wouldn’t be many volunteers for the job.

A cooker is a useful asset to the modern day kitchen. A cooker has various uses, including cooking meat, making toast, heating beans and soups. It is a lot cleaner, quicker and easier than using a wood fire. Wood fires leave the pans smokey black, it takes a long time to warm up pans and it leaves the food with a smokey taste. The cooker, however, can have its temperatures regulated so that whatever is being cooked doesn’t burn, it doesn’t leave nasty, black smoke on the bottom of the pan, except if the pan is left on the heat too long and whatever is in the pan burns.

In this day and age, modern technology has reached such a stage that there is hardly anything left to invent. Almost every household chore has a gadget that helps, even down to cleaning one’s teeth – electric toothbrushes can be bought. Carpets are being made of lots of different materials and to clean them vacuum cleaners are used. Although vacuum cleaners clean most types of carpet, a nylon carpet is difficult to clean, or vacuum up the bits because the static electricity that is created on the carpets attracts the bits of cotton, crumbs and other everyday household debris, making it difficult for the vacuum cleaner to suck them up. What needs to be invented is a vacuum cleaner that overcomes the problem of static electricity.

Another problem that has arisen more than once over the past few years is dustbin men striking. When they do this rubbish piles up and attracts vermin. Every household should have a waste disposal unit, and not the kind that just gets rid of food, but one should be invented that gets rid of metal rubbish as well

Teacher’s Comments

Your essay need some kind of concluding paragraph.

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