Around The Galaxy In Eighty Years

Day 800
Arrived safely on Caeruleus, the ‘Blue’ planet. All boats and equipment unloaded safely from the transporter, no mishaps like on Malum. This will be the seventeenth planet on my galactic trip and promises to be one of the easiest circumnavigations since the whole planet is essentially a lake. No dangerous reefs or undercurrents.
It should literally be plain sailing.

Day 801
First day at sea (lake?). As expected, made good headway. Nothing much else to report. Supplies plentiful, weather clement. At this rate I should have single-handedly sailed around this world in about sixty days.

Day 802
Nothing new to report. Same view, same weather, same progress.

Day 803
Strange event today. A cloud appeared, totally enveloping the boat. No visibility for an hour. All electronic devices out of action, so lost communication with support team. The cloud disappeared leaving behind a strange smell and a sticky coating on everything. Also, I might have swallowed some, judging by the strange taste in my mouth.

Day 810
A week since my last entry! Really? The days are beginning to blur.
Electronics still out. I have the uncanny feeling of someone, or something, else on board. Stupid I know. Probably because I’ve been out of touch for a few days now. I seem to be sleeping more.

Day 827
I hear noises or maybe voices, so there’s definitely something else on board, yet a thorough search finds nothing.
Sometimes I wake to find things have been moved or I wake in a different place. Am I sleep walking?

Day 841
The voices are in my head, but I don’t understand. It’s like some alien whispering in my ear. Am I in control?

I understand now. I am their vessel. We must leave this planet. My crew commands it.

My entry in the October 2020 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction