Dear Dave

Apartment 4a
Guesthouse Grime
Ave. Victor Hugo
30th June 1977

Dear Dave,

I have the greatest of good news to tell you. Have you heard of the Moulin Rouge in Paris? If not I recommend it to you for the greatest night out you will ever have had. I shall describe my night out in there and I am sure that you will be envious of me.

At 7 o’clock I left my apartment to get a taxi. No sooner had I raised my arm when a couple of taxis pulled up and the drivers in unison said “Oui, monsieur. Where do you wish to go?”

“Do you know where the Moulin Rouge is?” I asked.

“Of course, monsieur,” said the drivers and they both drove off. Well how do you like that, I had a good mind not to go, but luckily I got another taxi and finally arrives at my destination.

I stood in the doorway of the place and the first notice that caught my eye was ‘Can-Can’. In there! I thought immediately. I paid my money and walked into the hall where it was being held. The smell that greeted me was a mixture of expensive cigar smoke and brandy, not at all like the small of a workingman’s club (cheap cigarettes and beer). I took a seat near the front, and then onto the stage came a line of pretty French girls, and then they danced.

And let me tell you, David ‘knee-groper’ Splong, what a dance. When I came out of that hall I was drunk with drink and happiness, but I had spent all my money but I think it was worth it.


Harold Splod

(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written 1977-06-30
School exercise.
Don’t forget, it was written by a schoolboy.
It is published here for purely selfish vanity reasons.