Dear Brutus Walrusus

Dear Brutus Walrusus,

How are you feeling? I myself am fine.

Yesterday, Caesar returned here to Rome. Oh joy!

The streets were lined with people, all had flags, or banners, or both. The excitement there was! All the people of Rome must have been out to receive the great leader back.

If only you had been here.

The cripples, and the lame, and the blind, and the aged, and the young were all there. The streets were full of everyone.

I can not possibly describe what the atmosphere was like, but there was a lot of noise, but as soon as Julius Caesar started to speak it was as if everyone had been struck dumb.

Yours faithfully,

Marcus Brontosaurus

Teacher’s Comments


(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written 1977-02-01
School exercise.
Don’t forget, it was written by a schoolboy.
It is published here for purely selfish vanity reasons.