A Fight and A Fire

Write short stories using the following words: vulnerable, preserved, endangering, precariously, jeopardy, omen, relief, squashed.

A Fight Between Two Swordsmen
Jim took a swipe at his opponent, but left himself in a vulnerable position. Harold, his opponent, took the opportunity and lunged at Jim.

Luckily for Jim, his agility preserved him from being critically wounded, and he leapt to safety up the steps to the ramparts. Harold followed, knowing they were both endangering their lives on the precariously built ramparts.

Harold reached the top of the stairs, but Jim was nowhere in sight, then he realised his life was in jeopardy from behind. He wheeled round, just in time to see Jim throw his sword at him, and, unluckily for Harold, the sword hit him in the eye.
Teacher: Thought it was an arrow, M

A Fire
Jim ran down the steps to try and escape from the burning castle timbers that were endangering his life by falling down.

Just then a wall collapsed in front of him, jeopardising his life even more and this meant there was no escape, because the wall fell and covered his only means of getting to safety, and there was no hope of being preserved from the terrible fate that was about to fall upon him.

“That falling star was indeed an omen,” he thought to himself, and then relief came over him as he remembered the hidden tunnel! He dashed for it, knowing that safety lay on the other side of the wall.

Unfortunately a precariously balanced rafter, which was burning, that had fallen on another, burnt through and fell on Jim and squashed him.

Teacher’s Comments


(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written 1977-03-01
School exercise.
Don’t forget, it was written by a schoolboy.
It is published here for purely selfish vanity reasons.