Mission Irresponsible VII

“Sir, President Disterpen has been captured!”
“Again?” General Langree shook his head. “Who by this time?”
“The Insectoids.”
“Well, usual procedure, Captain Picatan.”


A door materialised in Disterpen’s cell. Picatan stepped out.
“Sir, we’re here to resc…”
“No need.” Disterpen proclaimed. “I’m escaping. Like always.” His grubby fingers pointed down at a shallow hole.
“Sir, perhaps ‘escape’ through here?”


Disterpen swaggered into the debriefing room. “General, another successful mission.”
Langree sighed. “Sir, about these ‘missions’…”

My entry in the 2020 75 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Rescue / Escape
Genre: SF, Fantasy or Horror