The Spy Who Exsanguinated Me

“Hello sir.”

“Aah, Sven. Read this dossier.”

> Target: Tungsten
> Location: Planet Lon; Chaney system.
> Mission: Eliminate target.

Sven looked up. “Why me?”

“Your metamorphic abilities.”


After docking at Lon’s spaceport, Sven headed into the nearest bar. He’d just ordered when the doors slammed open.

“So, the notorious secret agent Dublo Sven.”

Sven turned. Tungsten!

“Thought I wouldn’t smell you?” sneered Tungsten. “You appear lycan, but you stink of vampire. Your fatal mistake.”

“No! Yours!” snarled Sven…


“Another successful mission, Sven. Details?”

“Usual. Target took too long gloating, giving me time to change and… That wolf’s been well and truly rammed!”

My entry in the February / March 2021 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Secret
Genre: Speculative Fiction