Surface Noise

So it had finally happened. Nobody could deny it Everybody had seen it, and experienced it, and suffered it. Let us see how they can explain this one, I thought to myself. Impossible. No doubt they would blame the others, but, after all, the others are just the same as them. Both are aiming for the same ideal, or rather were, but just going about it in different ways. If only they could have got together earlier and come to some agreement. It would not have happened.

And now everybody is in the same boat, regardless of where they were before. Now is the time for the likes of myself to make ourselves heard. Let them know we are here and how we feel. Let them see that we are actual people and not just statistics on some computer. Now is the time for real leaders to emerge, the strong, the wise, the intelligent and not those whose only ability is to speak. That characteristic is now obsolete. We need ideas, a way out, a way to survive in these conditions. We do not need petty bickering and squabbles. Not if we as a race want to survive. We will have to start all over again, just as our ancestors did, after the first great holocaust. They survived and built the foundations for our society. Unfortunately, too many of the talking leaders survived as well and kept alive the bickering and squabbles, each side blaming the other for what had happened, even though the blame was equal.

And they did not learn, and now it has happened again. Hopefully none of their kind will survive this time and we will be left to live our simple lives once the clearing up has been done.

That’s the trouble with these international farting competitions, there is always a lot of mess left at the end, especially if someone gets the drabbles.

Oh my goodness, why did you write that last paragraph, thereby ruining the whole feeling of the piece, which started out so good and thought-provoking and ended so tragically.

(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written late 1980s

If I remember correctly, I wrote the last couple of paragraphs because the main portion was too serious.