A Space Trip

Me and a friend were walking up in a field near a farm, looking for magic mushrooms when we saw a large shadow fall on the ground. We looked up and an immense space ship was descending at an incredible speed. We thought it was going to crash, but at about two feet above the ground it stopped and a door opened. A man appeared, said “Wotcher, mate” and shot us with a laser gun, but he must have only stunned us, because we woke up later.

I don’t know where my friend was, but I was in an immense bedroom, all white, lying on a large, round bed. Soft music was playing and there were bowls of fruit lying around. A door opened and in walked five girls, all dressed in loose fitting togas and nothing else. I, myself, was naked, but I didn’t care. The girls all came up to me and slipped out of the togas, climbed onto the bed and started to kiss and lick me all over.

I spent the next hundred years making love to each and every one of those girls, and when I finished, that bloke came in and shot me again. This time when I woke up I was in the field again, lying down surrounded by a herd of cows all sniffing me.

No word of a lie!


(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written 1986-02-10