Oh! I Say! Letter to the Editor

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Dear Sir,

Reference the article appearing Aug 22 edition of “OH! I SAY!” concerning the disappearance of Mrs Gimmerson’s unparalleled collection of shelves.

I am a personal friend of Judith’s and can testify to the traumatic effect upon the good lady’s health of having what can only be described as thirty-odd years of her life taken away.

I have seen the bravery of this woman, as refusing all offers of assistance she has carried, single-handed, no less than four 36″ / 8″ Texas Homecare melamine singles from the bus stop on the corner of Hanover Terrace to her basement home beneath the W.R.V.S. offices on Kendal St.

On another occasion this most humanitarian lady, with no thoughts to her personal safety, apprehended an uncouth workingman caught making off with an especially ornate, dark glass, bathroom walling and splash back. The oaf insisted the F-word thing was blocking the doorway while Mrs Gimmerson, unshaken, demanded the man’s name and address to be forwarded to the proper authorities. He promised to do so.

In closing I would appeal to the despicable pirates responsible for this vile act to return that which is not theirs before it is too late.

Yours early since

Disgusted of Ealing

Please find enclosed a small donation to your invaluable organ.

(c) M. Robert Gibson
First written 1997-08-22 or thereabouts