At Home With The Morphensteins

“Hi honey, I’m home,” announced Husband.

“Hello darling,” replied Wife, passing him a Martini. “What have you been today?”

“Well. The morning meeting was with the clients from Ouroboros. You know, it’s quite difficult giving a flipboard presentation without any arms.
“Then lunch with clients from Earth. I was told they have two of everything. Not true. Apparently it’s impolite eating with two mouths.
“The afternoon was spent swarming with the Vespoid Hive clients. What a buzz that was.”

“Anyway, it’s nice to get home so I can relax in my natural state,” he said, oozing into his favourite bucket.

My entry in the Nov/Dec 2021 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: State
Genre: Speculative Fiction