Time Travel

I never thought it would happen to me, but one day, as I was walking along the road, I tripped over and fell down, and while I was on the floor, a dizziness came over me and I fell asleep, but when I woke up I was not in the same place as I was when I had fallen.

I was in a jungle and I could hear a roaring and a crashing of undergrowth and when I looked around I saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I did not know what to do, so I turned and ran in the other direction, but unfortunately there was a pit and as I was falling the dizziness came over me and I fell asleep.

I woke up to hear a blare of a horn, and I just got out of the way in time to see something whizzing past. I looked in the direction it had come from and saw a big cloud of dust and as it went past, with horns blaring, one of them stopped and I saw it was a small hovercraft which had the markings of a police car. The car door opened and a policeman said “Did you get a look at that thief, no you wouldn’t, he’d be going too fast.”

I felt the dizziness coming and I fell asleep and when I woke up I was lying down in the road where I had fallen, with a group of people standing around me. I got up and walked away to home.

Teacher’s Comments


(c) M. Robert Gibson
Written about 1974-03

This is probably my first attempt at science fiction, written at age 11.

This is a school essay.
It was written well before the internet. It is full of inaccuracies and assumptions; bad punctuation; bad grammar and a woeful lack of research, but, it is also a first draft. It was also hand-written in an exercise book, none of your fancy electronic gizmos back then.
And don’t forget, it was written by a schoolboy in a time before political correctness.
It is published here for purely selfish vanity reasons, so read it at your own peril and do not expect any great revelation.