Kajar and The Seer on the Shore

Kajar banged on the tower’s oaken door. Several minutes later the door opened and a wizened face peered out.

“What do you want, young oaf?” growled the face’s owner.

“Hail old crone well met. I seek the Seer of Ships. Are you she?”

“No, you seek She Who Sits And Sees Ships.” She glanced at his hands, “I see you are well furnished to pay the price.”

Kajar, puzzled by her words, frowned, for he wore no jewellery.

The old woman stepped out, closed the door, and, with a wrinkled finger, beckoned Kajar to follow her. Nearing the shore, Kajar could see a large wooden throne facing out to sea. The old woman stopped behind it and turned. “Before meeting my sister, understand this: /The ships that she sees, as she sits on the shore, are ships that shall be, and ships gone before/.” She indicated Kajar should approach the throne. There he beheld another crone, identical to the first, simply sitting and staring out to sea. He also noticed her necklace, seemingly decorated with twigs.

“Ask your question, oaf.”

“Seer, I would know what perils lie over the Great Azas Sea in the land of the giant wyrms.”

“Before revealing my vision, you must pay.” Without warning, the first crone grabbed Kajar’s arms while the seated crone produced some shears. He struggled but could not move his arms.

“What witchery is this?” he shouted. Then realisation dawned – not twigs, but dessicated fingers adorned the necklace, and they meant to take his. In desperation he kicked at the shears but missed, striking the throne instead, sending it and the crone sprawling.

“My sister!” cried the first crone, releasing Kajar’s arms, and going to her sister’s aid.

Now free, Kajar turned and fled, none the wiser but with his fingers intact.

My entry in the October 2022 300 Word Story Challenge at SFFChronicles
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other Speculative Fiction