Over to the Final of the Football Galaxy Cup

“Well Jeff, the 90 minutes are almost up. I wonder how much injury time there’ll be?”

“Me too Geoff. Wait. The linesman is holding up the board. It’s… I don’t believe it! Another 42 minutes! Where did all that time come from?”

“Well, there was the horrific tackle on the Betelgeuse IV fullback and the waiting for his tentacles to regenerate. And don’t forget the referee had to check VAR for the thirteenth goal which clearly showed the Terran attacker using some sort of time travel.”

“Ah yes, of course. How could I forget? Well let’s hope the excitement continues.”

My entry in the November/December 2022 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Injury
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

I didn’t actually enter this. I got the closing date wrong.