Darts at the Town Hall

It was Monday the thirteenth of March, 1978. Straight after school, I went round to my friend’s house. We had our tea there and watched television until seven o’clock. We had put on our best clothes and were looking very smart. At seven my friend and I got into his father’s car, and he drove us down to the town hall. It was now a quarter past seven, but the concert did not start until eight and already there were about two hundred people queuing up. Soon Mark and I were in about the middle of the queue, people were arriving very fast.

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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

The alarm pierces my sleep. I open my eyes a fraction of an inch to see the time. Seven o’clock. Just five more minutes, I think and close my eyes. When I re-open my eyes, ten minutes have gone by. I leap out of bed, pull on my trousers and dash to the bathroom. Thirty-five minutes later I start the car and the rest of the family get in. One hour and five minutes later, after dropping off the children and wife, I pull into the school car park.

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Santa in London

A Play

One day, as Santa was riding on his sleigh, he was attacked by robbers, and he was put in a cave.

Leave him there, he’ll be all right.

Okay, come on, let’s get out.

Hold on, what’s the rush? The fuzz won’t be around for a while.

They set off, leaving Santa in the cave, until a policeman found him. He took him to the police station where he was questioned by a C.I.D. man, and once they had their description they sent out radio messages to all places.

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