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Dimensions 2022-09-21

With your imagination as the key you unlock a door to another dimension. A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of touch, a dimension of taste, a dimension of smell. A dimension of children’s laughter and tinkling streams, a dimension of gambolling lambs and frolicking ponies, a dimension of soft velvet cushions and gentle summer breezes, a dimension of the finest Belgian chocolate and sweetest French Champagne, a dimension of freshly baked bread and newly bloomed roses. You’ve just opened the door to… The Comfort Zone.

My entry in the August/September 2022 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Comfort Zone
Genre: Speculative Fiction

A Random Offering

I Always Will 2018-02-03

You don’t love me
Though you say you do
You can’t lie ’cause
I can see through you

We’ve been married
For nearly 10 years
You said you’d love me
For better or for worse

Oh baby, baby, baby
I love you still
Oh baby, baby, baby
I always will

In the beginning
Your love was so strong
What did I do
Where did I go wrong

[Instrumental break]

So now our marriage
Is at an end
You’re going to leave me
Never see me again

[Repeat Chorus]

Now that you’ve left me
I’m falling apart
How can I live
With this broken heart

Written 1980