Let’s Do The Time Warp Equine

Welcome to the 2060 Olympics Freestyle Dressage final.

First in the arena we have Frank Enfurter on Rocky Horser, performing to music from an old show popular in the last century.

And off they go… Good synchronisation… Looking relaxed… Nice and straight…

Wow, I’ve never seen a horse jump sideways before.

And now Rocky splays out his right legs. Another original move.

Wait, he appears to have drawn together his hocks.

My goodness, now he’s swinging his groin to and fro.

In all my years of commentating, I’ve never seen such lewd behaviour.

I wonder if they’ll do it again?

My entry in the May / June 2020 100 Word Anonymous Challenge at SFFChronicles
Theme: Time Warp with horse
Genre: Speculative Fiction